Core Faculty

Jeffrey Bigham Associate Professor Jeff’s research is at the intersection of human-computer interaction, human computation, and artificial intelligence, with a focus on developing innovative technology that serves people with disabilities in their everyday lives. Site Scholar
Laura Dabbish Associate Professor Laura’s research focuses on communication, collaboration and organizing work through technology. She is interested in how workplaces of the future will coordinate, motivate and inspire employees and volunteer workers. She directs the Connected Experience Lab ( Site Scholar
Jessica Hammer Assistant Professor Jessica studies the psychology of games, focusing on the way specific game design decisions affect how players think and feel. She also helps design games that change people’s lives for the better. She studies how games can change the way people think, feel, and behave; her other research interests includes creativity, gender, mobile technologies, and community design. Site
Jason Hong Professor Jason’s research lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, privacy and security, and systems, focusing primarily on three questions:
How can we use rich sensor data to improve our lives?
How can we make privacy and security easy for smart environments?
How can we use crowdsourcing to improve privacy and security?
Site Scholar
Geoff Kaufmann Assistant Professor Geoff’s research focuses on how fictional, simulated, and mediated experiences can build interpersonal understanding and empathy, reduce stereotypes and prejudice, and inspire higher levels of social consciousness and civic engagement. Site Scholar
Niki Kittur Associate Professor Niki’s research in collaborative cognition aims at combining the unique strengths of human cognition, social collaboration, and computation to help people make sense of information and produce knowledge. Site Scholar
Robert E. Kraut Herbert A. Simon Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Bob has broad interests in the design and impact of computing and telelcommunications for dyads, groups and communities. He has conducted empirical research on online communities, the social impact of the internet, the design of information technology for small-group intellectual work, the communication needs of collaborating scientists, the impact of computer networks on organizations, office automation and employment quality, and technology and home-based employment. Site Scholar
Chinmay Kulkarni Assistant Professor Chinmay studies, designs, and deploys systems for massive-scale education and peer-enriched crowdsourcing. Site Scholar


Affiliated Faculty

Steven Dow Assistant Professor Steven’s research examines creative cognition and develops technology to guide individuals, groups, and crowds through design exploration. Site Scholar
Sara Kiesler Hillman Professor of Human-Computer Interaction Site Scholar
John Zimmerman Associate Profesor John’s work integrates service design theory and social computing technology to help citizens co-produce the public services they want and use. Site Scholar


Lab Alumni

Abdigani Diriye Postdoctoral Fellow Abdigani is broadly interested in social and collaborative search, HCI and Information Retrieval. Specifically, he’s looking at ways we can leverage human- and machine-generated data to support people when sensemaking on the Web. Site Scholar
Colleen Stuart Postdoctoral Fellow Colleen’s research focuses on the challenges and opportunities of collaborating through technology, particularly in online production communities where the work environment is highly transparent. Site Scholar
Haiyi Zhu Ph.D. Student Haiyi’s research combines social science theory, quantitative methods, and computational techniques (machine learning and statistics) to understand the principles underlying the large online social systems such as Wikipedia. Site Scholar
Jennifer Marlow Ph.D. Student Jennifer’s research addresses social cognition and impression formation among participants in online, large-scale professional social networking and work-sharing sites. Site Scholar
Kurt Luther Postdoctoral Fellow Kurt’s research focuses on understanding how social computing systems can support creative collaboration. At CMU, he is exploring new applications of crowdsourcing in more complex and creative domains. Site Scholar
Lixiu (Lisa) Yu Postdoctoral Fellow Lisa’s research interests include crowdsourcing, creativity and open innovation. She studies the ways of encouraging and organizing the crowd to generate creative ideas. Scholar
Paul André Postdoctoral Fellow Paul’s research in social computing and crowdsourcing combines disciplines to design and understand for engagement with friends, or achieving complex work with crowds. Site Scholar
Peter Kinnaird Ph.D. Student Peter’s research focuses on innovative platforms for civic engagement and democratic participation. He also works on crowdsourcing, anonymity, and networking projects. Site Scholar
Ruogu Kang Ph.D. Student Ruogu’s research is about understanding knowledge and information sharing in collaborative tasks and in people’s general use of the Internet. Site Scholar
Yla Tausczik Postdoctoral Fellow Yla’s research focuses on understanding the social dynamics of groups and how people work together to solve complex problems. Her research primarily makes use of naturalistic observation of group communication and interaction patterns. Site Scholar
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